At EDC, We are proud to offer highly qualified teachers who provide excellent training that meets the recognized standards in the discipline of dance.


Judy Russell (RAD RTS)

Kristen Helfrich (Licentiate CDTA-Tap, ARAD, RTS, BA, BEd, MEd in Special Education-UNBC)

Anna Russell (RAD RTS, Performing Arts Diploma-CCPA)

Nicole Russell (ARAD)

Shelby Meaney (BSc-UNBC, Adv. Diploma in Performing Arts-Randolph Performing Arts College)

Jennifer Johnson (Licentiate, CDTA-Tap)

Shelby Richardson (AAC1,ARAD,BFA-Ontario College of Art and Design & MA in Anthropology-UVic)

Andrea Brown (BFA-Human Geography, BEd, MEd in Teacher Librarianship-UNBC)

Laura Heagy  

Kate Rowland (BFA-Hons- Contemporary Dance-York University)

Melanie Bauman (BA, Bed-University of Alberta)

Kate McGowan (ARAD, Associate CDTA-Tap)

Tristan Ghostkeeper (ARAD)

Karissa Polsom (BSc-UNBC)

Melissa McCracken (ARAD)

Nadine Doyle (BEd-UNBC)

Brandon Cote

Ashley Burmaster

Kennedy Heitman

Staff Teachers

Sara McGowan

Kendra Hamelin

Laura Buchanan 

Anna Dereshkevich

Dawson Slater

Brielle Hamelin

Administration Staff

Heather McGowan-Administrative Manager

Diana McKellar-Dance N Things Manager

Barb Parker-Financial Manager

Amanda Horne - Administration