Our Story.


years of expertise

Judy started Enchainement Dance Studio in Prince George in 1979. She then left it to her mom Bunny Murray (long time teacher for the Royal Academy of Dance) to look after as Judy took off to B.C.I .T. to try to her hand in Broadcast Journalism. The education was great and she worked in local radio in Prince George for a short period of time in the early eighties.

As Judy’s true calling is dance and theatre, it didn’t take long for her to enrol in the R.A.D. Teachers Certificate Program. Judy achieved her teaching Certificate in 1987 and has trained highly successful ballet students right up to the prestigious Solo Seal examination. Judy’s formal R.A.D. training came from well known teachers Josephine Slater and Ellen Andrews of Canadian Dance World and teaching mentor Lynnette Kelly. Judy’s parents, Bunny & Alex (choral director/musical theatre conductor), also contributed to her performing arts education. She is woman of diverse talents, but perhaps her single most important attribute is her ability to teach and inspire performers of all ages.